Training programmes offer an opportunity to pass on new scientific information to the field technicians & professionals. They also help in refreshing the knowledge of the participants.  Further, several creative observations and experiences gained by field technicians could be discussed and shared, with mutually beneficial results.  With these objectives in mind, the Kerala Livestock Development Board, offers practical oriented training courses to technicians and professionals in the area of animal/fodder production science.


The Training Centres under Kerala Livestock Development Board (KLDB) at present offers short term training course of 2-8 weeks duration. All these courses are designed for field workers who require specialisation in their respective fields. The courses include a combination of theory, practicals, group discussions, seminars and field visits. Apart  from the courses announced (scheduled courses), the training Centres also takes up programmes as requested by the sponsors on mutually agreed terms.

Details of training courses offered

Course title Minimum qualification for admission Duration (days) No of courses offered Participants per batch Tuition fee (Rs.) Venue
Frozen Semen Technology Degree in Veterinary Science/Animal Science 21 1 10 6000/- Mattupatti
Frozen Semen Production and Handling
-Do- 16 1 10 4000/- Mattupatti
Cross Breeding and Sire Evaluation Under Tropical Conditions -Do- 21
15 5500/- Mattupatti
Fertility Problems in Female Bovines

21 4 10 6000/- Mattupatti
Field Embryo Transfer Programme
Degree in Veterinary Sciences 30 1 5 25000/- Mattupatti
Basic Course in Artificial insemination SSLC / Equivalent 45 On request 12 7000/- Mattupatti/Dhoni
Refresher Course in AI and Reproductive Management Field AI Technicians 6 On request 15 2500/- Mattupatti/ Dhoni
Management of Large Scale AI Operations Degree in Animal Production Sciences 14 1 12 5000/- Mattupatti
Tropical Pasture Seed Production and Quality Control Degree in Agricultural Science 21
10 4500/- Dhoni
Fodder Production and its Utilization Degree in Agricultural/ Veterinary/ Animal Sciences 21 2 15 4500/- Dhoni
Management of Breeding Operations in Pigs
Degree in Veterinary Science 14 2 5 7000/- Puthoor







All the necessary requirements for the successful conduct of the courses are available in the two stations of Training centre. Boarding and lodging facilities are given in the premises itself. Well established technical library, reading hall, class rooms and practical halls facilitate proper training.

A separate laboratory with all necessary equipment and instruments is built specially for trainees on ‘Frozen Semen Technology’. A well established lab with all facilities are available for training on “Embryo transfer technique”. Enough culled female animals are kept in the farm for the trainees to handle them for the courses on ‘Fertility problems in Female Bovines’ and ‘A.I. with Frozen Semen’ etc. A well equipped fodder seed laboratory with capacity of processing and storing 50 M.T. seeds is available at Dhoni which is very useful for training in fodder production and fodder seed processing. Modern teaching aids and demonstration units are amply used in order to improve the training quality.

Within the premises of the Training Centre Mattupatti and Dhoni there are :-

Mattupatti Dhoni
Breedable female cattle (Nos.) 100 75
Crossbred bulls (Nos.) 100 100
Semen lab (annual production 10-15 lakh) 1 1
E-T-lab 1 -
Calf rearing station (Nos) 1 1
Slaughter house (Nos) 1 1
Grassland (Ha) 160 8
Leys (Ha) 30 50
Basic fodder seed farm (Ha) - 10
Quality control unit - 1

In addition to the above, the following facilities of the KLD Board are available for demonstration and practical work.


Farm with similar facilities as Mattupatti at Kulathupuzha.
Field progeny testing scheme.
Large scale frozen semen distribution system.
Fodder promotion activities.
Fodder seed production programme.
Fodder seed testing and quality control station
Central seed store having two ton capacity
Data processing station.
Goat breeding centre
Pig breeding centre
Quality control unit



General Info

Course Calender For the Year 2008-2009
For the application form
Application Form For Short Term Courses
The completed application addressed to the following address should reach the training centre atleast 30 days prior to the commencement of the respective courses. Manager, (Trg)
Training Centre, KLD Board Unit,
Mattupatti, Munnar, Kerala- India - 685 616
Telephone : 04865 242201
Fax : 04865 242201

Separate application is not a must when candidates are sponsored by Govt. department/semi government organizations




Hostel facilities are available for trainees at Mattupatti and Dhoni. Family accommodation is extremely difficult.
At Muvattupuzha the trainees are expected to stay outside the premises where enough hotels are available on reasonable rent.


Participants from outside the country require a visa for their stay in India. The concerned Indian authorities have to be contacted by the participants for this. On request the KLD Board will give a letter of recommendation.

Course Fee

The tuition fee for the courses, other than mentioned, conducted on special request will be decided by the Managing Director, K.L.D. Board, Thiruvananthapuram.
The applicant on confirmation of seat has to remit course fee in advance or at the time of joining for training at the venue specified.

Course of Mattupatty

The registration fee or the tuition fee shall be remitted by demand draft drawn in favour of the Manager (Trg.), Training Centre, KLDB, payable at Munnar and drawn on any one of the banks mentioned below

State Bank of India. Code 8650
State Bank of Travancore. Code 7135
Union Bank of India. 535893

Course of Dhoni

The registration fee or the tuition fee shall be remitted by demand draft drawn in favour of the Co-ordinator, KLDB, Dhoni, payable at SBT Palakkad with code.


Insurance coverage will not be provided by the Centre. If needed it should be arranged either by the sponsors or by the candidates.

Course Calendar

For the course calendar:

It is liable for change and therefore prior confirmation is necessary to be sure that the course is conducted in time.

   Display # 
1 Management of breeding operation in pigs 2592
2 Fodder production and its utilisation 5425
3 Tropical pasture seed production and quality control 2797
4 Management of large scale ai operations 2597
5 Refresher course in Artificial insemination with frozen semen 2904
6 Basic course in insemination technique 2159
7 Field Embryo Transfer Programme 2445
8 Fertility Problems in female Bovines 3038
9 Cross Breeding and Sire Evaluation under tropical conditions 2608
10 Frozen Semen Production and Handling 6007
11 Frozen Semen Technology 3735