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Management of breeding operation in pigs

The course is meant for officers working in the area of Pig breeding farms. The main area of thrust in the training is given in feeding, management and reproduction in male and females, semen collection and AI related operations, pregnancy diagnosis, activities related to farrowing, maintaining weaners and replacement stock, housing and waste management etc. The programme is more practical oriented to create confidence among the trainees.


Duration 14 days
Eligibility Graduation in Veterinary Science or its equivalent
Age Below 50 years
Venue Training Centre, Puthur



Syllabus Theory(hrs) Practical(hrs)
Genetics and Breeding in Pigs 2
Management Activities in Pig Breeding Farm 3 6
Male & Female Reproductive systems 4 2
Heat detection 2 4
Care & Management of Boars 3 2
Semen collection and Evaluation 2 6
Semen Lab, AI and related activities 2 10
Pregnancy Diagnoses 2 3
Farrowing and related activities 2 4
Housing and Nutrition of Boars 3 2
Effluent treatment 1 2
Introduction to Farms MIS 1 --
Total 27 41


Discussion/Seminar one day

Study tour 4 days