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Fodder production and its utilisation

The course is on the technical, economic and social components of forage production under tropical conditions involving lectures and practicals. The emphasis of the course is on the cultivation, management and conservation practices of fodder crops. ‘Fodder under different agroclimatic conditions’ exposes the trainees to various system of forage production.



Duration 3 weeks
Eligibility Graduation in Agricultural Science- Veterinary Science, Dairy Science or its equivalent or post graduation in forage production
Age Below 50 years
Venue Training Centre, Dhoni



Syllabus Theory(hrs) Practical(hrs)
Ecological classification of forage crops 1 ---
Soil-its importance in agriculture - role of
fodder crops in enhancing soil fertility
and status
1 ---
Cultivation practices and utilization of
different fodder crops grown in tropical
and sub-tropical agroclimatic conditions
2 4
Operation of farm machinery - general
1 2
Pasture-its importance and classification of
pasture-natural grass land and introduced
pastures-management and utilization
2 4
Ley-establishment and management 2 8
Fodder production - utilization and
3 4
Seed production in forage crops - seed
testing, quality control and marketing
2 4
Relationship between cattle breeding and
fodder promotion
1 ---
Principles and economic feeding of
different categories of livestock
1 2
Fodder extension programme-mixed
cropping with fodder
2 6
Role of fodder crops in controlling soil
erosion-agrostological measures of soil
conservation strip cropping with grasses
and legumes etc.
2 3
Total 20 38


Discussion/Seminar — 1 day

Study tour — 3 days