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Tropical pasture seed production and quality control

A course with a strong practical basis covering the techniques of tropical forage seed production and quality control Special emphasis is given for seed testing with the aid of modern techniques in a well equipped laboratory.


Duration 3 weeks
Eligibility Graduation in Agricultural Science or its equivalent
Age Below 50 years
Venue Training Centre, Dhoni



Syllabus Theory(hrs) Practical(hrs)
Introduction to fodder development and
seed testing procedures 4 —
4 ---
Study of commercial seed production,
seed identification, selection and handling,
marketing, harvesting, cleaning, grading,
drying, testing, transport and storage, pest
control, seed multiplication 15 35
15 35
Field inspection of seed production areas 4 6 4 6
Economics of seed production 4 4 4 4
Total 27 45


Discussion/Seminar — 1 day

Study tour — 3 days