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Fertility Problems in female Bovines

A course concerning the fertility problems of female bovines meant for veterinarians. It exposes the trainees to animals with varying physiological conditions and pathological problems. A lot of opportunities are provided to examine cows with or without specific problems brought to infertility camps specially organised by Training Centre.



Duration 3 weeks
Eligibility Graduation in Veterinary Science or its equivalent
Age Below 50 years
Venue Training Centre, Mattupatti



Syllabus Theory(hrs) Practical(hrs)
Physiology of the female reproductive tract-
development and functions - cyclic changes
4 6
Modern trends in cattle breeding 2 2
Artificial insemination - detection of heat-handling of semen - A.I. frozen semen- sexual health control programmes 2 4
Classification of fertility problems morphological, functional and management problems with reference to actual situations in India 8 20
Infertility and sterility 4 4
Infertility related to semen and its usage 2 6
Remedial measures to fertility problems 4 8
An introduction to embryo transfer techniques 2 4
Reproductive management 4 6
Infertility camps
Total 32 60


Discussion/Seminar — 1 day

Study tour — 3 days