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Cross Breeding and Sire Evaluation under tropical conditions

The course is meant for officers working in the area of bull selection for milk production, especially progeny testing. The main emphasis is on testing of bulls under field conditions. Apart from animal breeding and biometrics in general, the practical application of the test is covered in great detail. The facilities of milk testing laboratory, computer station and the bureau of animal breeding are available for the trainees.


Duration 3 weeks
Eligibility Graduation in Veterinary/Animal Science or Post graduation in animal breeding or its equivalent
Age Below 50 years
Venue Training Centre, Mattupatti



Syllabus Theory (hrs) Practical(hrs)
Breeding policy formulations and reviews 2 4
Breeding scheme 3 4
Genetic selection methods 4 6
Breeding operations
Management of information 2 6
Selection procedure for female stock 4 4
Bull selection systems 4 8
Progeny testing programme 4 10
Production and raising of bull calves 2 4
Evaluation of breeding operations 2 4
Case studies on breeding programme 2 6
Total 20 56


Discussion/Seminar — 1 day

Study tour — 3 days