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Frozen Semen
Fodder Seed Marketing
Goat Development programme
Pig Breeding Centre
Training & Consultancy Services
Salient features of Product Utilization/Marketing

Frozen semen

The use of frozen semen for AI in cattle in the tropics was introduced in the sixties. The Regional Semen Banks play a vital role in maintaining the quality of frozen semen during storage/transport, supplying semen of different genetic group as per the stipulations of the state breeding programme and ensuring accountability. The Board supplies frozen semen to the A.I. centers as per the indent. Though the payment to the Board by the receiving agencies is calculated against each dose of semen supplied, the costing is for the total package consisting of one dose of frozen semen, one A.I. sheath, liquid nitrogen and the transportation cost. The payment is made by the respective agencies based on the price fixed by Government from time to time. The A.I. programme produces about 6 lakh cross-bred calves of high genetic merit every year. The Board also markets frozen semen in a few other states like Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam, J&K, Andhra Pradesh and the Union Territory of Pondichery and Lakshadweep.

Fodder seeds

The production and sale of fodder seed commenced in early eighties. Pure as well as mixtures of grasses and legume seeds are packed in small quantities according to the indent from the purchasing agency. Except for a very small quantity which is directly sold to the farmers by the Board, the Department of Dairy Development and the Milk Unions purchase the entire lot for distribution to farmers in their extension area.
Goat Development programme

The goat development programme of the Board was aimed at the improvement of the Malabari breed as meat animal. Production of superior genetic material in goats is essential for the improvement plans for goats in the State. The KLD Board is on the look out for suitable partners to retain superior germplasm in the field and ensure their use for breeding. Possibilities of multiplying the better genetic material of Malabari in a more cost effective way is also under consideration by developing a Field Performance Recording (FPR) area outside the nucleus herd at its Dhoni farm. The evaluation of the performance of the Boer breed and its crosses with Malabari is in progress.

Pig Breeding Centre

The pig-breeding center has progressed and the high quality piglets produced are in great demand. The breeding stock is supplied to the State Animal Husbandry Department and the Agricultural University and also to few outside agencies. A potential market exists both for the breeding and the fattening stock outside the state. Scientific breeding policy coupled with good genetic lines in the nucleus herd, presently not found elsewhere in the country has been the key factor helping marketing. The Board has capitalized on the restriction for import and opened up the sales to other states in the country.

Training & Consultancy Services

Appreciating the expertise and components of the Board in the field of cattle breeding and allied subjects, trainees from different parts of the country are attracted to the training institute. The institute also acts as a market promotion agency for the products of the Board. The KLDB offers consultancy services in the field of cattle breeding and frozen semen technology to state governments outside Kerala.

Salient features of Product Utilization/Marketing

The Board with its excellent infrastructure facilities, reputation of the product and the patronage from Government, continues to control more than 99 percent of the market share of frozen semen in the state
The three-tier AI organization established by linking the field A.I. centers operated by the AHD, DDD and NGOs is rated as the most efficient in the country
In 1985 Kerala got the distinction of being the first state in the country to completely switch over from chilled semen to frozen semen for A.I
The Board continues to enjoy the status of being the largest producer of crossbred bull semen in the country
The reputation about the quality of frozen semen helped the Board to market up to 1 million doses outside the state
The Board pioneered the production and popularization of perennial grass and legume seeds in the country
The demand for both breeding and fattening stock of pigs is very high from within and outside the State